q Mentor and Coach Vetting and Safeguarding - Fingallians GAA Club

Coaching Players under 18 in Fingallians

To be eligible to coach within the GAA, a person must complete some mandatory steps

You must have a current GAA Garda vetting
You must have completed a GAA Safeguarding course within the last 2 years
You must have completed GAA Introduction to Gaelic Games course

Garda Vetting

Have you a current valid Garda Vetting LESS THAN 3 YEARS OLD ?

More on Vetting in GAA at

Garda Vetting Steps 

Step 1: Scan and create a JPG of Passport, Proof of address

The Vetting ID Validation is now done online via Foireann.

In advance of starting your vetting on foireann

Scan and create a JPG of Passport, Proof of address, Drivers license

The ID Validation form here scanned as a JPG

Step 2: Login to Foireann

Login to Foireann (User linked to your Email address)

Go to Profile - Qualifications and Vetting

From here you can start the process and ID check. 

The Documents  (ID Form, Passport, License and Address verification) must be uploaded as JPG (not PDF)

Once submitted, your documents will be checked by Club Childrens Officer.

From the the process with continue to Garda checks.

When completed, you will be informed by the Vetting Bureau and your profile will be updated in Foireann

 For U18 involved in coaching, the linked parent will make the application on behalf of the U18 person.

Step 3: Complete final details and submit

You will receive an Email in following Days/Weeks from  evetting.donotreply@garda.ie to complete some details.

Complete this and submit

Pse record the vetting application number for tracking

You can track the Garda vetting  here


It is a Legal requirement for all Coaches and Mentors to have a Valid Safeguarding 1 certificate issued in respect of attendance at a Child Protection in Sport (Safeguarding 1)

All Safeguarding certificates 1,2 and 3, are valid for a maximum of three years

You must complete an in person Safeguarding 1 Course

Safeguarding courses will be scheduled as required with with Dublin County Board appointed Tutors and will have approx 20 attendee's per course.

Please keep in touch with Juvenile games to stay informed about next scheduled course. There may also be places on courses run in other GAA Clubs that suit your schedule. The course is typically 3 hours on one evening, 

Update Your Record to keep Fingallians informed

Fingallians must keep up to date records for

Garda Vetting Status : A Legal requirement for all Coaches and Mentors
Child Safeguarding Courses A Legal requirement for all Coaches and Mentors
Foundation : A Legal
requirement for all Coaches and Mentors
Level 1, Level 2 and other courses completed (A nice to Know)
It is your responsibility to inform us when the status of any of the above changes using this form.
This will allow our office to keep the records upto date